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Dendrochronological borer 300/20/12

(core drill, incrementborer)


Custom made tool for dendrochronological purpose with special coating for enhanced boring-ejection. Field of application: dry deciduous and coniferous wood.

Technical datasheet
Total length

External diameter
Internal diameter
suitable for samples with a max. length of
Bolt for drill chuck mounting

Essential tool set

1.Fence made from plastic

2.Round steel bar for the extraction of samples from
   the core drill

3.Cutter-hook for the extraction of samples from
   the object under
investigation, suitable for samples
   up to ca. 250mm


Price list

Core drill, for deciduous and coniferous
Three-part toolset

The core-drill and the toolset may also be hired.
Lending fee for one month

The lending fee will be taken into account of a later purchase.

Re-sharpening service

Reshaping and grinding of older types of core drills
New coating
Removal of old coating, application of new coating

300 mm

19 mm

12 mm

220 mm

12 mm

€ 305,00

€   28,00

€   61,00

€   22,50

€   49,50

€   59,00

€   71,00

All Prices to be understood without VAT, packing and postage. Price list is valid from January 2018. All former price lists hereby lose validity.

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